Why To Protect Your Child From “Blue Whale” Game ?

First death related to “Blue Whale” Game in India On Saturday, July 29, a Mumbai teen leap to his death from the terrace of his seven-floor building. The Death of 14 years old teen is not known, many have linked his death to the infamous game Blue Whale Challenge.

what is the Blue Whale Challenge and how are teens falling for it?

Blue Whale Challenge, also called the Blue Whale Game started as social media game where it is designed in such a way that a self-harm group identifies disturbed teens online and encourages them to commit suicide.

Under this game , The group administrator, after identifying these teens, assigns them daily tasks over a period of 50 days. Through various activities related to self harm on final day it encourages the victim to commit suicide on the 50th day.

Victim of game show a whale carved on their forearms.

The teens taking up the challenge find it hard to withdraw halfway as the group is known to threaten them with harm to their families.

Philipp Budeikin, a Russian, has admitted that he created the game and convinced about 16 girls to end their lives.

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