SAI issues SOP for “Graduated Return to Play” (GRTP) for high-performance athletes who test positive for COVID-19

Under the new guidelines, termed “Graduated Return to Play” (GRTP), all SAI officials and centres have been asked to monitor the progression of
athletes who have tested positive for COVID-19 virus and are undergoing training in SAI facilities.

The SOP has been divided into three categories, based on COVID -19 cases. Category One: COVID-19 Positive & Asymptomatic (mild localized symptoms that resolve within 10 days. Category Two: COVID-19 Positive & Prolonged Course (Regional / systemic symptoms for more than 10 days) or severe symptoms that required hospitalisation

Category Three: COVID-19 Positive & Symptoms during GRTP progression (Post recovery complications). Under the new guidelines, all SAI officials have been given strict instructions and added responsibilities with regards to training athletes who test positive for COVID 19 virus.

SAI is also identifying medical and paramedical experts to designate at each Centre to ensure clinical assessment of COVID-19 infection on the athletes and implementation of the guidelines stated within the SOP. These designated medical and paramedical experts are being instructed to ensure clarity with regards to the GRTP progression in the result of the Post COVID-19 Infection Clinical Assessment.

Further, coaches have been instructed to plan a physical activity at 50% of normal intensity and volume for an otherwise healthy patient with a self-limiting course of COVID-19 who has been asymptomatic for 7 days. The Medical and Paramedical Staff have been asked to monitor the progress of the athletes regularly and  give advice to athletes and coaches for gradual resumption to training.

Athletes would be monitored before, during and after the exercise sessions and if any unwarranted symptoms are there it would be reported to the medical team for further assessment.

By Tapas Bhattacharya

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