Raghuram G Rajan’s new book titled: I Do What I Do : on Reforms Rhetoric and Resolve

The former IMF economist & Ex-RBI  Governer Raghuram G Rajan release his new book titled I Do What I Do :On Reforms Rhetoric and Resolve ,the book is published by HarperCollins India and will be launched in Chennai on September 5.

The title of the book is taken from one of Rajan’s most famous quotes during his time as RBI Governer.

The book is aimed at a broad audience and contains no economic graphs or equations.But it is also aimes at a youger audience and has not been dumbed down.

In this new book , the former Economist says that he gave his opinion orally on Demonetisation in February 2016 after which the RBI submitted a formal note outlining the steps that would be needed if the Centre went ahead with the move.

Separately,in an Interview to Times of India Rajan said that Demonetisation has not been an economic success.”I think all said and done , it would be fair to say the intent was good.But certainly at this point , one still cannot in anyway say it has been an economic success.But again,as I said ,Only time will tell”.

Publisher Harper Collins India describes the book as Rajan’s ” Commentary and speeches that convey what it was like to be at the helm of the Central bank in those turbulent but exciting times”.

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