Paris bars to close as city placed on maximum COVID alert

Paris’ prime minister Jean Castex said the city will be placed on maximum COVID-19 alert. Under the new measures, bars will close for two weeks from Tuesday and restaurants will have to introduce new sanitary protocols to stay open.

“These measures, indispensable in the fight to curb the virus’ spread, will apply to Paris and the three departments immediately surrounding it, for a duration of two weeks”, Castex’s office said in a statement.

Castex said theat Paris passed all three of the government’s criteria for being put on the highest level of alert mid last week.

A week ago, restaurants and bars were shut down for a fortnight in Marseille, the epicentre of the country’s second wave.

On Sunday, France reported 12,565 new coronavirus infections, while 893 patients had been admitted into intensive care over the past week.

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