Number of officials in Kazakhstan will decrease 25% by 2021

NUR-SULTAN, Kazakhstan – Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, speaking at a government meeting on September 1, announced a serious reboot of the system state service.

According to the president, the pandemic and the transfer of most government officials to remote work showed that the state apparatus can and should be reduced. “I instruct the government to speed up the timing of the reduction of the state apparatus and workers in the quasi-public sector. This year, they should be reduced by 10%, and next – by another 15%. Thus, we will solve the problem of reducing officials by 25% in 2021,” Tokayev said.

The President stressed that the system of state planning should involve not only government officials, but also the private sector and society as full partners.

Tokayev also announced a new economic course for the country. The new economic course should be based on 7 principles, Tokayev said. Among them are fair competition, productivity growth, human capital development, investment in a new type of education, greening the economy, and making informed decisions.

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