Linkage of Aadhaar To PAN, bank account is Mandatory, Here is why you must complete the linkage ?

From PAN to bank accounts and mobile numbers, Aadhaar linkage is now mandatory if you want to continue to avail these services.

  1. Aadhaar with mobile number linkage is compulsory, government want to complete the eKYC to all connections by February 6, 2018. This is why by next year most mobile numbers would be Aadhaar enabled.
  2. All Bank Accounts, besides the no-frill Jan-Dhan accounts, need to be Aadhaar linked by December 31, 2017.
  3. For all Banking transaction like BHIM, UPI, all being UIDAI connected platforms, Aadhaar becomes a necessary condition.
  4. Aadhaar is now  mandatory for filing income tax returns.
  5. The Election Commission had embarked on the process of linking Aadhaar and voter ID, it had stopped following the litigation in the Supreme Court. You can do it either through the National Voters Service Portal (NVSP) portal or via SMS. To do it from NVSP, you need to search your name through the electoral ID and feed in your Aadhaar information, for SMS linking you need to type ECILINK < EPIC_Number > < Aadhaar_Number > and send it to 166 or 51969.

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