Kids participate in ‘Virtual Fancy Dress Competition’ in Mumbai during lockdown

One such initiative was taken by the parents group in Mumbai where their kids participated in ‘Virtual Fancy Dress Competition’. 

The group- Rishtoon ki Dor, came up with this idea to engage their children who have been at home since more than two months now. 

The kids also were enthusiastic as Virtual competition is a new concept for them. Winners were also chosen through the performances given.

The kids dressed in their best, made appearances through online app and also delivered their dialogues. 

They reside in different locations of Mumbai including Mulund, Borivali, Chembur, Kalva, Bhayandar, Charni Road. 

The group plans more such activities to keep kids entertained that includes planting, arts and crafts of waste out of best. 

The parents are organising Cooking task for all Male members dedicated to women who are tirelessly working in lockdown for the family.

Go to Source – DD News

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