How To File Income tax Returns Without Form 16 ?

The last date for filling the Income Tax Returns for salaried employees is 31st July 2017. If you are a salaried employee, your employer must have issued Form 16 to you. The Form 16 is very important form from your employer. This is a very important form, which is required when you are filing your taxes return to Income Tax department.

Being a salaried employee, you should be very well aware with the content of Form 16. But, what if you are not? There are ways to file Income Tax returns without having the Form 16. Follow the steps :

Step 1 – Accumulate all your payslips 

Step 2 – Make use of Form 26AS 

Step 3 – Compute and claim your deductions 

Step 4 – Add income from all other sources 

Step 5 – Identify the tax filing form 

Step 6 – Compute your tax liability 

Step 7 – File your return 

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