How to Apply for RIL Rights Issue Online ?

Apply for RIL Rights Issue Online, learn the step by step process – Reliance Industries (RIL’s) proposed to raise Rs 53,125 crore through rights issue, which will close on June 3, 2020, while the ratio is one rights issue share for every 15 equity shares held by existing shareholders as on record date (May 14).

Reliance Rights issue will open on 20 May and the last date is 3rd June:

How to apply for RIL Rights Issue from the various banks online i.e. SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Canara Bank, Indian Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak, Union Bank, Syndicate, PNB and other banks ?

Apply RIL Rights Issue Online – Internet banking account

(a) Log in to your online bank account

(b) Go to the option IPO/Rights or ASBA, if it is not enabled, request your bank to enable this.

(c) Click on it and you will find Reliance Rights apply button

(d) You will have to fill basic details of your folio, number of rights shares you want to apply, etc.

(e) No amount will be debited from the bank at the moment rather will be blocked for amount Rs 314.25 per share in your account.

(f) On allotment, amount will be debited from your bank account depending on the number of shares you are allotted. Till then this money stays in your bank account under blocked status.

Apply RIL Rights Issue Online – Online Through RTA website.

(a) Go to this website

(b) Click on the tab – Apply for Rights issue thru RWAP.

(c) Only for Resident investors. (NRIs not eligible)

(d) Provide the basic details like PAN, DP ID, Folio no, etc.

(d) Make a payment using Internet Banking or UPI. (The maximum limit for UPI is Rs 2,00,000 or depends on your bank)

(e) Money will be debited from the bank immediately i.e. Rs 314.25 for every share applied.

NOTE : Balance amount will be refunded if any, to your bank later by the company in case you are allotted lesser than shares applied for.

IMPORTANT Points to remember in RIL Rights Issue

1. This is for reference that if you have Reliance Shares as of 14th May, you are entitled to apply for the Rights, too. It is currently available on your respected Demat account.

2. This is to remember that the upper limit is not fixed. It means you can have as many number of shares in this issue.

3. Up to entitled shares are guaranteed allotment for you (i.e. your rights entitlement based on 1 for every 15 shares currently held). The higher number of this will be decided by the company.

4. Remember that if you don’t want to apply for these rights shares, then you could sell your rights entitlement in the stock market also just like any other stock.

5. If you want to sell in the stock market, option will be available from 20th May. The current price is Rs. 163

6. Similarly if you want more of these rights entitlement, you can buy from the stock market

7. It means if you buy another 100 of these rights entitlement from stock market then you will have total guaranteed allotment of 100 in rights

8. Rights shares will be allotted at Rs. 1,257/- per share.

9. Out of this, 25% i.e. Rs. 314.25 per share, has to be paid immediately.

10. The balance will be paid in two future installments. Expected 25% in May 2021 and 50% in Dec 2021

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Details  Date 
Issue Opening date May 20, 2020
Issue Closing date June 3, 2020
Date of Allotment June 10, 2020
Date of Credit ( Demat Account) June 11, 2020
Date of listing June 12, 2020

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