Finally, two women below 50 claim they entered Kerala’s Sabarimala temple

Sabarimala Temple Kerala – Two women from Kerala Bindu and Kanakadurga who arte below 50 years has claimed that they entered Kerala’s Sabarimala temple for darshan last week. They even claimed that they had darshan on Wednesday at 3.30 am. A video has also surfaced showing two burka led women entering the holy shrine.

Bindu, 44, is a college lecturer and CPI(ML) activist, according to the Press Trust of India. Kanakadurga, 42, is a civil supplies employee who had come to Sabarimala on December 24 after 11 women activists of a Chennai-based outfit trying to reach the shrine were chased away by devotees chanting Ayyappa mantras.

Bindu said that they were given all support and assurance for the darshan by the police, and they had a smooth and hassle-free darshan on early hours of Wednesday. Though the police have not officially endorsed their claims, top police sources confirm that they had darshan around 3.30 am, and had come with police personnel accompanying them in plainclothes.

The temple has been closed and ‘purification rituals’ are expected after the women’s entry. Shortly after the completion of the ‘purification ritual’, the temple administration reopened the temple for the devotees.

The women avoided the traditional Pathinettam Padi route and the 18 holy steps, and also had come discreetly. Though the police do not confirm where they began their journey on Tuesday and where were they taken after darshan, sources said that they chose the late hours after 1 am to begin their ascent from Pamba so as to minimise any risk from protesters, even though they had kept the whole matter under the wraps.

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