China seeks to pursue non-confrontational relations, crisis communication with the US, as Presidential elections near

While, Foreign Ministry statement came in response to a question related to US Presidential elections which it termed as an internal matter of US, the Defense Ministry statement came, amid heightened tensions between the two military superpowers this year in the South China Sea, with the United States denying are port on a possible drone attack on Chinese islands in the region.

These remarks came days ahead of the U.S. elections, even as U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Asian countries, which China perceived as aimed at it. China has figured prominently in election campaigns of both President Donald Trump, and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden.

China’s ties with the US deteriorated to historic lows under President Trump due to various issues ranging from COVID-19 crisis, technology,trade and the South China sea. Both Trump and Biden were expected to follow tough policies towards Beijing.

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