“Blessing from God” coronavirus may re-elect Trump

This is not news and it is not news analysis or an opinion story.

It could well be a science fiction feature where the hero is not an alien, but the sitting American president and the stage is not Area 51 of Nevada but the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington, DC.

On a Friday evening (Oct. 2), our hero was “confirmed” of being affected by Covid-19, the virus “a-la-mode” which he claims it was “Made in China”. Next day, wearing his mask, looking tired and indisposed, was moved by “Marine One” chopper to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, for treatment. There, surrounded exclusively by his people of trust, was isolated in a purposely set presidential suite functioning also as the Oval Office. His situation was “diagnosed” with vague yet conflicting off-the-record statements something between light and serious. Potentially aggravated by his age and weight, the infection generated a wave of uncertainty in all anti-Trump media, which after the sickness of the president were happily, yet naively, anticipating an unquestionable victory of the Democrats.

The joy lasted until Sunday afternoon when the first doubts about the seriousness of Trump sickness surfaced. The president, despite his doctors’ reservations, was unexpectedly driven around the hospital to salute his supporters who “spontaneously” had gathered outside the hospital to show their solidarity. And while anti-Trump media were celebrating for the “irresponsible lightness of Trump”, the image of a healthy-looking president was broadcast all-over America and the world.

Next day, the “irresponsible president” went gloriously back to Pennsylvania Avenue where a dozen of his close associates had proven positive to Covid-19.

On Wednesday, President Trump went live on TV looking more healthy than ever and said that the Chinese virus infection was “a blessing from God” claiming that he was given a non-approved as yet by the Food and Drug Administration cocktail of antibodies produced by a fine company Regeneron (he repeated the name three times), and he was miraculously cured. On the occasion, in his address after praising all Americans for making America great, referred to the responsibilities of China over the pandemic and promised that “China will pay for it”. This was just a reminder to Wall Street that the Cold War with China is far from over.

Same day Regeneron, a successful biopharma industry, applied to Food and Drug Administration for emergency approval. Under the particular circumstances, and no matter what the “democratic” nucleus of FDA thinks, it will have to approve it immediately. The more so, that we are talking of innocent antibodies that cured the president from an illness that killed over 200,000 Americans and promised that soon will be distribute for free to all.

This was a “checkmate” move by Trump that neutralized the presumed intentions of FDA to approve the Covid-19 vaccine, ready or not, only after the US election.

Under the circumstances, it is easy to foresee the next moves of Trump as long as you think of him not as a politician but as a high-risk, successful businessman.

First, the dozen of Trump’s close associates in the White House tested positive, will be administered the “miraculous” antibody cocktail of Regeneron, approved by FDA or not, and in a couple of days they will be all cured.

Second, Trump as a good businessman, will easily turns the virus great liability of his presidency into asset, capitalizing on “the blessing of God”. Thus, he may well win the election.

What is difficult to say or clarify, however, is whether the infection of the president and his team were real, or not.

What would I be doing if I were in his shoes?

After facing every day and night the dirty war unethically launched by the leading American mainstream media, I would be doing exactly the same!

Why? Because, just to mention one, by reading the “best newspaper of the world” every morning, I get the impression that the Greek tabloid “Avriani of the eighties, resurrected in The Big Apple, in the year 2020.

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