Shocking! Couple assaulted, beaten by passengers for hugging inside Kolkata Metro

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A couple is harassed inside the Kolkata Metro at the Dum Dum station and then was thrashed by the mob allegedly because they were standing too close and hugging each other. A picture of mob thrashing the girl is doing the rounds. In the pictures, a woman can be seen shielding the man as people around them are physically abusing them.

As per the reports, the incident happened on Monday around 10 PM when people in the train objected the couple for standing too close. When the train reached Dum Dum metro station, the couple was pushed out and thrashed by the group that included middle-aged and elderly passengers.

According to a news report, the couple was beaten until some other passengers came to their rescue. Photos of the incident were shared online and reached the office of Metro Rail. Meanwhile, this is not the first incident of couple being beaten up, earlier it happened at IIT Madras, in Meghalaya and Assam.

No official complaint has been lodged yet.

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