No bullet train on our land, demand villagers at Thane public hearing

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Mumbai: There should be no bullet train on our land, the project will ruin our culture, environment and the traditional businesses, demanded villagers who created chaos during the public hearing.

The public hearing had been announced for the upcoming bullet train project within Mumbai-Ahmedabad. The villagers congregated to oppose the project, as the project  would snatch them of their livelihood, they claimed.

On Tuesday, there was a public hearing for the ambitious project of the central government which will enable people to travel at higher speed between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, the two major cities of two different states.

More than 19 hectre land will be acquired for this project from the Thane district, The villages in this belt have farmers, fishermen and Agri community people. The villagers have their traditional businesses that might either drop its business. The meeting was arranged under the chairmanship of District magistrate, Shivaji Patil. Other dignitaries present were U P Singh, head of the bullet train project, project officer, R P Singh, the experts from environmental studies, and other experts as well.

There was a presentation on the bullet train, but that did not mention the important aspects of the project such as the environment harm, exact map of bullet train route. Later there were question and answer session, where many questions asked by the visitors were left unanswered. The villagers then were infuriated and shouted slogans such as (fek do bullet train) throw away bullet train.

The questions asked were about the environment, farms and farming. Many political and non political organisations came together to  oppose it.

“The train is  illegitimate child of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We will go and talk to Japan’s prime minister to express our views. We strongly oppose the project since the farmers will have to suffer due to it,” said MNS incumbant,  Rajan Gawand. Villagers can register their opinions within a month, an official said.

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