Here are 5 Unique Apps that will make you tap the unusual from your phone

Smartphone applications are a boon to those who have accustomed to a smart lifestyle. Among the mainstream lot of social media and usage apps, we bring to you a list of the most unique yet useful apps to make your life a tad bit easier. From fighting cancer, to earning through receipt pictures, here are some picks that are absolutely free on android and ios.

If you are feeling philanthropic, Dreamlab is a hassle free application that helps you be one, with just a touch. It helps by taking advantage of your phone’s idle time to fight against cancer! Since researching on cancer requires a ton of man hours, DreamLab helps by downloading tiny parts of a huge research project from the cloud to calculate, and send the results back to the research team. All this just by keeping your phone plugged in on power.

As the name suggests, this app tells you when you need to catch a loo break, typically at a movie theatre so that you don’t miss out on anything important. The app gives you hints on when you need to rush to the restroom. Make sure you download it the next time you head out to a cineplex.

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This application does work like a blower. Imagine a shot of air coming out of your phone on a hot day. Now that makes it a cool app. It basically uses sound frequencies to blow air out of your smartphone’s speakers. The air is strong enough to blow out a candle. The frequency may vary depending on phone type. The app also suggests which frequencies can give you the best effect.

Just when you thought skin assessment was an expensive affair, UVLens does this for free on your smartphone. UVLens not only shows you the UV forecast for your area as well as the best times to be outside or avoid the sun and stay in, but also offers a skin assessment tool that tracks your burn risk in real-time while you are outside. This will ensure minimum skin damage especially for those with sensitive skin problems like rosacea, psoriasis etc.

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Magic Pin
An app that gives you cashback over bills. Unlike other apps, its unique feature is inclusivity. You need not use a different payment method. Just post a picture of your bill of purchase and a selfie from places identified by the app. It can be groceries, restaurants, retail shops, chemist etc. and get cashback for every transaction.

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